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    Ask your doctor today if you are able to schedule your treatment at the Sydney Surgical Centre.

Booking your stay at the Sydney Surgical Centre

Your specialist will make the necessary arrangements to reserve your stay at the Sydney Surgical Centre.

When you see your specialist a Booking Form will be completed and sent to the Sydney Surgical Centre to confirm your booking.

You will also be given a handy Patient Information Booklet to take home with you. This booklet has important and helpful information about your stay at the Sydney Surgical Centre. You can keep this booklet with you for your preparation to stay at the Sydney Surgical Centre and bring it with you on the day of your booking.


Planning for your stay

On the day before your stay at the Sydney Surgical Centre, our Patient Co-ordinator will contact you to let you know what time to arrive. Everyone is given an individual arrival time to minimise waiting and streamline your stay.

Our friendly Patient Co-ordinator will take you through what to expect during your stay and any instructions, including fasting and what to bring with you. They will also let you know whether you will be covered by your health fund, and if there are any gap fees you may need to pay such as an excess or co-payment for your health fund policy.

Please note you will be required to make arrangements for a responsible adult to take you home after surgery and stay with you that night. This is an important policy we have in place for your safety.

Unless your doctor gives you different or special instructions, it is important to adhere to our general guidelines for your stay, including:

  • Fasting – Do not eat or drink anything for six (6) hours before your arrival time. Child patients may be given more specific instructions, which you must follow.
  • Smoking – Do not smoke before your visit.
  • Clothing – Wear comfortable and clean clothing. Garments that are easy to take off and put back on. Also please wear comfortable flat shoes. No high heels please.
  • Valuables – Leave your valuables at home e.g. jewellery. If you are required to pay a hospital fee, your credit card or EFTPOS card will be stored in a locker for safe keeping. Please note that we do not take responsibility for the loss of any valuable items.
  • Someone to take you home – you will need a responsible adult to take you home. Please ensure the person taking you home is aware of our address and phone number. For your own safety you will not be able to drive home yourself, and you will not be admitted unless you have arranged someone to take you home.
  • Diabetic Patients – please make sure your doctor is aware that you are diabetic and that your doctor has given you instructions on when to take your diabetic medications.

For all enquiries please contact us on:


For all enquiries please contact us on:

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